Monday, December 28, 2009

modeling time!

finally made these model sheets, so its modeling time!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

end shot

so after the animation is over (im thinking maybe one loses and his like alarm goes off or something, not sure yet)

the camera will zoom out of the shot thats on the post below, into this end scene, which again brings back the clock motiff

I got this idea right before i was going to sleep, and couldnt go to sleep until i finished it, finally i can go to sleep now!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

possible enviornment

im thinking this for the setting of the animation

this landscape itself can be on a floating island (possibly?)

for possible thesis idea's I keep wanting to have the setting be in a magical place full of floating islands, so this would be a good experiment not just to do all the technical stuff of making it work, but also seeing if they look as good on screen as they do in my head

speaking of which here is an old super quick thesis sketch, with FLOATING ISLANDS!! YAY

I also really wanted to put one of those types of airships, I think its all really cool imagery when it comes to thesis time. I'm not gonna include it in this animation becouse i want it all to be "natural". As much as yerka's creature is part mechanical it is still definitely an animal from a visual standpoint.

Mid-Charge sketch

Yerka Inspired Animation

So im beginning my new animation project, that im hoping i can sometime during the semester.

The idea is based off of my favorite painting by my favorite painter Jacek Yerka

"The Walking Lesson"
Jacek Yerka, 2005

I plan on making two of these creatures battling each other like rams
the alarm bells on its head will be their substitute for horns


I think its really cool how rams fight each other, its very elaborate, almost unanimal like. They stand on there hind legs and almost do a dance before charging in for a split second bonecrunching impact (which you can see the sheer power of it by seeing the aftershock go through the whole rams body), and then like gentlemen they walk back and do it again. It's like 17th century gentlemen duels.

Mt.Ararat from Lake Van

quick photoshop sketch


weird little sketch I took and colored in photoshop